This year has been challenging to us all. Whether it is our relationships, finances, lack of social contact, health or other parts of our lives, we can take heart, God will use our difficulties to help us see where we’re at.

 Thankfully God provides us with the ‘squeeze’ we need to see what we have in us when we feel pressure. Like a tube of toothpaste, we can look great on the outside, but when we get squeezed the real ‘us’ comes out. Children are great at this, not only do they provide many ‘squeeze’ moments but usually its a mirror of our own behaviours doing the squeezing. A great example  of God’s sense of humour. However with all that life throws at us, we can stand on our God’s promises to not only be with us always but that difficulties can be beneficial to us. We can even find a way to have joy during these tests if we see it his way.

“My Christian friends, remember to be happy, even when many kinds of trouble happen to you. Troubles can help you. God wants to see if you really trust him. Your faith in God will become stronger as a result of these troubles. So you should continue to trust God all the way to the end. Then you will grow as a believer. You will become completely how you should be. You will not need anything more.” James 1:2-4

So let’s be thankful that we have a God who is greater than this world, in whom we can rely on through anything this world can throw at us. Let it be His character that comes out of us when we are squeezed.