From helpless baby, through childhood, Jesus grew up in an ordinary home in Galilee ,and worked as a carpenter.  I wonder if in those early years His parents thought back to the words of the Angel, of Anna and Simeon.

Some years ago, at an evening service, we were asked to make small banners on which we painted a name given to Jesus (in the Bible), e.g.  Saviour, Lord, King. I AM, Mighty God etc. – the list is long.  Each day, to choose one Name and meditate on this name is a lovely exercise. 

It is comforting to know that He experienced the same human difficulties, pains, disappointments, temptations and heartaches that we do.  He is also “Son of man”. 

Some of the words of Graham Kendrick’s song  have helped me through some tough times. 

” For this moment, for tomorrow, for all that lies behind……

  For the tears that flow in secret 

  In the broken times…

  For all the disappointments, the sting of old regrets…

  All my prayers and longings that seem unanswered yet ..

  For this I have Jesus , for this I have Jesus.”

May we grow deeper into Him in the year ahead.

Helen Smith