We are now several weeks into our ‘Gods at War’ series.  It has begun as an exercise of introspection and reflection as we try and identify those things (some of them good) that may have taken over God’s place in our lives.  The risk with too much introspection is that we may miss the very thing that we are aiming to do in this series, which is to set out eyes on God, not ourselves!

So, in spending time in reflection and introspection, I’ve found Joshua 24 as a useful passage. Joshua 24 is the recounting of Joshua renewing the covenant that God has made with His people before they enter the promised land. 

It begins by God sharing what He has done for His people.  It is a very specific list.  It is something that the people could immediately recall, and it immediately reminds them of how great God is, and how great God is to them.

For us, we are blessed with the entire Bible.  It is a memoir of what God has done for His people, for all time. 

It is our source of joy when we seek to delight in how great God is, and how great God is to His people. 

What personalises our reflections, is our own testimony.  Spending time to say to God, “What you have done in my life has been like my own Joshua 24!” 

The specifics on God’s protection and salvation in my life is where I can simply adore Him and praise Him.  Sharing your testimony with yourself is a great way in which to make much of God, as we try and dethrone the idols that seek to take His rightful place in our lives.

Do try it!