A few years ago, a photographer by the name of Eric Smith posted a photo on his Instagram of a magnificent sight of a humpback whale and her calf at Redondo Beach, California, surfacing right beside a guy on his sailboat. It had the following caption: “A sign of the times. Hey dude! Stop texting. There’s an enormous humpback whale two feet from your boat!”.

Smith said that he took five shots of the whales breaching with the boat in the background and in every single one of them, the man was staring at his phone.

Used with permission from Eric Smith – www.esmithimages.com

Last week we learned that Jesus made brilliant use of parables to communicate truths about the kingdom of God and people’s response to it. No cameras back then, so it’s no wonder Jesus used words to create pictures in people’s imaginations.

If Jesus had come at a time when cameras were in use, I wonder if he would’ve taken up photography as a hobby? I think he would have. He’d develop the shots himself too and would use them to communicate God’s truths! What do you think?

That aside, here is an exercise for you. Have a look at the picture and then prayerfully consider what might the picture above say about God’s kingdom and people’s/your response to it. 

I’ve titled it, “The Parable Of A Man Too Distracted To Notice”. How would yours read?

Coram Deo,