When Peter chose to deny Jesus, I wonder if it was out of fear, weakness or both? I wonder what I would have done in Peter’s situation?  Would I have done the same or would I have taken off like the others and not even be there to be seen?

It’s hard to stick with Jesus when the costs are high, especially with our busyness and all the demands on us. We can justify putting our efforts in other things like family, job and even good works, but what are we getting out of it?  Are they taking God’s rightful place?  Are these things our security?  Where is our treasure really at? 

It’s easy to come to church on Sunday, say the right things and talk the talk, but giving up everything for Him and putting Him first is something that requires a strength that only Jesus can provide.

Recently I went through a really difficult time, but thankfully, in the depths of it God showed me that the hurt I had was because I was worried about losing something other than Him. I had invested my ALL in something that was ‘like a vapour’.  No matter how well I did or how much effort I put in it simply wasn’t eternal like God. It had taken the place of Him in my life and He was allowing me to see it for what it was.  Choosing God and building up our treasure in heaven is the only thing that can last.  Everything else will eventually fade away.

Thankfully our Heavenly Father is loving enough to correct us gently, even when we make the same mistake over and over again.  He will just send us back around the mountain and continue to be there to lovingly teach us his way, if we let Him.

Will C