Can you look amongst the stateless and the many fleeing war,

feel the fading hopes of refugees, and still see a stable door?

Can you gaze on earth’s spoiled bounty, over parched and barren land,

and pray that new creation comes, through God’s restoring hand?

Can you gaze on distant galaxies, as your heart fills with cosmic awe,

and know that the Creator seeks to love you to your core?

Can you notice the leper on the road, and others cast aside,

and see a healing hand stretch out, rich with mercies to abide?

Can you see on a hill before you, the shadow of a cross,

and yearn for one to come your way who will rectify the loss?

Can you contemplate a birth suite of straw, so crude it can’t be true,

and glimpse into eternity when a mother’s time is due?

Can you welcome foreign travellers who search for the source of truth,

and receive their gifts in gratitude, and point to living proof?

Can you imagine the heavens opening, and a hosts of angels sing?

Then your heart is making ready for the coming of your King.

Chris Brown