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Can you look amongst the stateless and the many fleeing war, feel the fading hopes of refugees, and still see a stable door? Can you gaze on earth’s spoiled bounty, over parched and barren land, and pray that new creation comes, through God’s restoring hand? Can you...

A Friend That Sticks Closer Than a Brother

Tomorrow is the birthday of a very close family member. I remember their birth date as if it were my own. For 21 years we shared the same bedroom. People know us but are often not aware we are related. We don’t look alike, and we have few common interests. And, though...

God’s Wisdom – The Real Treasure (Job 28)

In May of 2012, a 32-carat Burmese ruby diamond ring, designed by the House of Chaumet (a jeweller founded in 1780 that’s based in Paris), was sold for US$6.7 million, a new world record price for any ruby sold at auction. It was part of the collection of the late...

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