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Brazil Nuts

This week I learnt something amazing about Brazil nuts. They contain a diverse content of micronutrients, especially a high concentration of selenium (about 2,500 times the amount found in other nuts), a powerful antioxidant which has found to help stimulate the...

The Pencil Is Mightier Than The Sword

If you haven’t heard of the saying above, that’s because I made it up! Keep reading… It shouldn’t come as a shock to us that God loves to speak to us because two-way communication is very normal in any healthy relationship! He uses a variety of ways to do this. The...

“He has done it!”

Last year after seeing a clear answer to prayer, I paused, amazed.  Who am I that the Holy God should listen to me and allow Himself to be persuaded by my thoughts and desires?  And then I seemed to hear the echoes of His response:  “Who are you? ...

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