Do you wear headphones?

Top reasons researchers found for the increase in public and workplace wearing of headphones include:

· You can still be aware and not hear.

· It is a great “don’t talk to me” signal.

· To cancel the noise…of the public.

· To take the edge off louder noises on the street.

· To help with autism, PST and other neurodivergent conditions.

· To shut out the world and listen to a favourite podcast.

· To block out distractions and improve focus.

…and my favourite…

· For fear of running into someone like you who will ask ridiculous questions!

A quick search of the Bible identifies many verses about silence.

The Psalms cry out to God not to be silent (Psalm 109:1; 83:1; 39:12; 28:1; 50:3).  Samuel reminds us the wicked are silenced by God (1 Samuel 2:9).  In Isaiah 62:1 the prophet vows to not keep silent and reminds us God will not remain silent concerning sin and iniquities.  The Pharisees remained silent to Jesus’ questions and their inability to catch him out (Mark 3:4 & Luke 20:26).  Jesus retreated to the silence of the mountain to meet with His Father (Mark 14:35).

As we go about our days in the coming week, let’s reflect on our feelings about silence and meditation in silence. Maybe ask ourselves…

· Are we afraid of silence? Does it enable us to be able to see and hear uncomfortable things? Does it invite “the unknown, the untamed, the wild, the shy, the unfathomable-that which rarely has a chance to surface within us” (Norris, 2023)?

· In quiet and silence does our soul make progress and sense of life? Is it essential to our spiritual life?

· Are there times when silence is wiser than speech (Spurgeon, in Morning and Evening, 2003)?

· Would we be better Christians if we were content in aloneness, waiting on God, meditating on His Word, musing on the things of God, and getting real nutrition from Him (Spurgeon, in Morning and Evening, 2003)?

Enjoy the silence.


Peter Edwards