Last year after seeing a clear answer to prayer, I paused, amazed.  Who am I that the Holy God should listen to me and allow Himself to be persuaded by my thoughts and desires? 

And then I seemed to hear the echoes of His response:  “Who are you?  You’re My child.  I gave my Son to die for you, to redeem you, to restore you into relationship with Me – and you think I don’t want to listen to you?  be with you?  give you what your heart desires?  mould you?  guide you?  protect you?  bless you?  Oh, my daughter, why would I withhold all this when I didn’t withhold my own Son?  I love you.  I delight in you.”

I think of the sovereignty, the holiness, the majesty, and the greatness of God.  I think of His love – inexpressible, wonderful, other-centred, and sacrificial.  And I think of my own filth and sin.  How do I reconcile that?  How do I put it all together?

And the answer comes:  JESUS.

In Jesus, the sovereignty, holiness and majesty; the love, service and humility; the forgiveness, covering and washing, is made complete.  It’s reconciled.  It’s altogether.  It’s done.  FINISHED. 

How fitting that Psalm 22, which begins with Good Friday’s lament on the cross, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” ends with Resurrection Sunday’s proclamation, “He has done it!” 

Sue McPherson