In Psalm 10:4 we read, “In his pride the wicked man does not seek Him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.” 

Doesn’t this sound like the here-and-now?  We live in a world that values busy-ness and convenience; we can shop, bank, be entertained, and communicate 24/7; there’s no off-button or closing time.  It’s easy for God to be crowded out. 

But Lent is an opportunity to make room.  Not “find time,” but “make room.” 

Isn’t this what we cry out for?  Room.  Room to think, room to rest, room to enjoy God, room to be replenished, refreshed, revived.  Room to notice what we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed, room to hear what we’ve not heard, room to meditate on God’s goodness. 

Isn’t this what we need?  Room to remember, to connect, to realise, to thank, to praise, to recognise God’s handiwork, His grace, His kindness, His provision. 

This is what daily time with God is – room.  Sunday worship at church – room.  Fellowship with each other – room.  Because the world, the flesh and the devil are pulling us in the opposite direction; they are seeking to distract, frazzle, overwhelm, drown, crowd.  

This Lent, I may or may not have more time.  But I hope and pray I can make more room for God in my thoughts – and in my heart. 

Sue McPherson