Have you ever had something of such worth that you needed to find a ‘special place’ to put it? Maybe you wish you had something of such worth, but you still think about where you would put it to keep it safe? Research has some great ‘safe places’ for worthy items: buried in the cat litter or a pot plant, taped behind the kitchen drawer, in the body of the vacuum cleaner, in a false stair tread or false drawer, hidden inside a fake mayonnaise jar in the fridge or behind the kick panel in the kitchen!!

Great hiding places for precious things…. but what about if you needed them in a hurry? Bit hard to get to at a moment’s notice, don’t you think?? What if you didn’t need them for such a long time that you forgot where you put them or even worse, forgot that you had them.

As Christians we all have something of unspeakable value. It is not our bank account or our work or our car or our jewellery or our toys. These are very difficult to hide from the world because the world seems to find new and inventive ways to touch our valuable things and take them from us. No, as Christians we all have something that cannot be taken from us.

What are you talking about you ask?

Where have you put God?…. and even more specifically, where have you put your faith in God? Have you put it in one of those hard to get to places that is just too difficult to bother getting out when you are in need. Maybe you have forgotten where you put it. Maybe you have forgotten you have God and have faith in Him altogether – very easy to do for all of us some days/weeks/months/years. Tough times seem to take over our lives and be the focal point of our thoughts and actions. We often forget the most powerful gift we may have hid in one of those ‘special places’.

In Luke 22:31 Jesus told Simon that Satan has asked to sift him and the others like wheat. Satan has to seek permission from God if he wants to try our faith. There is nothing Satan can do without God’s permission. So when God says ‘Yes’ to Satan’s request, it sounds like you and I are in for one of those tough times where we need to get out our very valuable item that has been in a ‘special place’. Is it easy for you to get it? Can you remember where it is? Do you have it at all?

Faith in God and in God’s sovereignty, power and plan for our lives is of such value that, yes, it should be put in a ‘special place’ but as Christians, we need it every single day of our lives. So don’t hide it!! Put it in the easiest to get to place, the most obvious place you can find.

In Luke 22:32 Jesus’ words are so comforting, ‘But I have pleaded in prayer for you, Simon, that your faith should not fail’. Jesus pleads for us that our faith should not fail. Keep that precious gift of faith in Jesus front and centre of your life!!